YOUR CONSULTANT IS Danielle and Glen Moore

My Story

My story is pretty simple.  My friend Jean sold Scentsy and I fell in love with the product. I found myself purchasing her scent of the month every month and "adding to my collection".   Jean had asked me to become a part of her team and I told her that  I just  "didn't have time" to sell Scentsy.   I always found the time to have friends over for dinner though and I noticed I was always being asked why my house smelled so great.  So, I showed them Scentsy and was constantly taking orders and passing them off to Jean.  I finally asked Jean for order forms so I could have something consistent to write the orders on.  My neighbor asked me if she could sign up to sell Scentsy and again, I passed her off to Jean.  Before Christmas of 2008, a good friend from church called me and wanted to place a $500 order.  This woke me up and made me think about why I wasn't selling Scentsy.  I decided to sign up then and there because the money I would make off that order would pay for the $99 cost to sign up.  Since those stubborn days of "not having time," I have made Scentsy my full time job.  My husband and kids love Scentsy.  Those days of "not having time" seemed crazy to me.  Scentsy has afforded me the luxury of time to be able to take and pick my kids up from school and be a more active part of their lives. My kids are an active participant in my Scentsy career.  They feel included in my work because they help me label my products and sort them.  It makes them feel very special that they get to help.  They love to smell the scents and pick which one is their favorite.  Although their favorites change daily, these have remained son's favorite is Black Raspberry Vanilla and my daughters favorite is Ocean. In a nutshell, I love Scentsy because it is a beautiful product that smells amazing.  I don't have to be a salesperson to sell Scentsy.  It sells itself.  <!--endbody-->